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Growing Cherry Trees

A detailed guide to growing one of the most popular fruits.

Growing Cherry Trees

Everyone loves cherries. They are among the most popular of fruits thanks to the rich, delicious flavor and versatility of these little red gems. Sweet cherries are just perfect eaten fresh but can also be used in so many other ways, like baking, juicing and making jams. Tart cherries are wonderful for all kinds of cherry food products like baked goods, dried fruits, jams, sauces, chutneys and juices.

If you want to grow your own cherries, you’re a real cherry lover and making your dream come true will be easier than you imagined. We sell a number of different tart and sweet cherry varieties, and each tree is mature and ready to produce fruit the first year you put it in the ground. Our trees are also resistant to a lot of pests and diseases and come to you pruned and ready to go. With just a little basic information on growing and using cherries, and with one or two of our carefully prepared trees, you can be harvesting fresh cherries in your backyard in no time.