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Backyard Fruit Happy & Healthy Guarantee

Our goal is to provide healthy, productive, and mature fruit trees that arrive on your doorstep in good shape and ready to go in the ground. If any issue arises, we will rush to help you figure it out and make sure that you are satisfied with the end result. Our experts are always here to help you succeed.

Because we take such pride in our work, we guarantee our plants to be healthy and true to type when they arrive. If you receive a plant that is not healthy, is damaged, or is not what you expected, we will take immediate steps to fix it. Please let us know within five days of receiving your plant if there is a problem. This gives us a chance to do all we can to save it. If a plant is unsalvageable, we will replace it immediately.

Please note that seeing a few damaged, dry, or yellow leaves is perfectly normal and does not affect the health of your plant. This is just the plant’s way of protecting itself against the stressful conditions of shipping. Simply trim these off, and your plant should be ready grow and thrive in its new home.

We strive not only to provide the highest quality plants; we also go above and beyond to help our customers succeed in growing their new trees. If you have any concerns, doubts, or questions about your tree, please call us at 888-286-1004 to be connected to an orchard specialist.

We take pride in accurate and on-time shipping dates. Of course there are factors that could delay these dates. These are estimates, and we cannot guarantee exact shipping dates. Shipping live products has its challenges and occasionally Mother Nature does not abide by our time frames. On rare occasions we have to delay shipping due to severe weather forecasts in your area or ours. Sometimes the seasons are delayed and plants take longer to reach specifications. Although these types of delays are rare, we try to keep you informed. The health of your plants is our highest concern.

Spring Shipping
Due to the nature of certain cold sensitive plants, it is best to ship them during months with milder temperatures. Spring shipped items are identified on their product page, as well as information on Northern States that ship in spring. Most trees and plants we carry can safely be planted year-round, but you may prefer planting in warmer weather. If you would like to receive a plant earlier than designated or delay its delivery date, we are happy to schedule what’s most convenient. Just call us at 1-888-286-1004.

To Prune or Not to Prune? That is the question.
Deciduous trees will typically have minimal, or even no branching when young. In fact we prune branches from juvenile trees in order to promote faster growth and higher branching later. This makes for a skinnier looking tree now, but one that will be taller and properly branched out in one or two seasons.

Oh No! My box is damaged!
Backyard Fruit guarantees that all orders are carefully packed and shipped to ensure your plant’s survival through transit. It is extremely rare that packages are broken or damaged in transit. If this happens please refuse the damaged package and the delivery carrier will return the damaged box to us for re-shipment.

5 Day Rule
We have been successfully shipping plants all across the United States for years. It's rare that a problem occurs but it can happen. If your plant arrives in less than healthy condition, you need to notify us within five days so that we can assess the problem and try to save the plant. We can also note your order for future reference in case a complication arises. A photo of the problem is required for any claim. Should we determine your plant isn’t salvageable we will replace it right away.

If you report a problem within 5 days of plant delivery, Backyard Fruit will note the concern in your account and we will offer a 100% store credit on the purchase price of the dead plant(s) should it perish within 45 days of the initial delivery.

And after 5 days?
If the plant was received in good health and no notice is on file for the first five days Backyard Fruit will offer a 50% store credit on the purchase price of the dead plant(s). This one time guarantee is not valid after 45 days past the delivery date.

Should a deciduous tree shipped dormant in the winter or spring fail to emerge from dormancy by May 30th we will guarantee it outside of the five-day notification period. You will need to contact us by May 30th so we can review and assist.

Don’t Make It Harder on You
Please do not plant a "poor/damaged" plant thinking you can bring it around and then call us weeks later. We want to know immediately! Otherwise a plant that could be saved becomes culturally out of our control and responsibility.

Dead or Alive?
Plants die. So to determine if your plant is still among the living, scratch a small area of bark on the trunk. You can rub it with a coin or fingernail. If you see brown or black underneath, then the plant is dead. If you see green, then the plant is alive and will leaf out again. If the time is fall through spring, the plant is likely in full or partial dormancy. If the time is during the growing season, then the leaves may have temporarily dropped as a self pruning measure. This acts as a reset switch for the plant and is normally just temporary.

Things happen!
We cannot guarantee Mother Nature, hungry animals, plants shipped out of recommended zones, human damage, extreme weather damage, overwatering, drought, insects, disease or poor soil conditions. Plants are living organisms that can die from a hundred different causes beyond our control. We do our best to make sure you are getting a quality product.

Optional Purchased 1-Year Extended Warranty
Plants can perish for many different reasons, which is why we offer a 1-year, one-time Replacement Warranty (shipping cost not included) that is available at time of checkout. We will only require a picture to verify that your plant is in fact dead. Once we receive your picture we will promptly send you a 100% store credit for the amount of that plant. (Note: Replacement plant shipping cost is at the customer’s expense.)